Benefits of Drinking Tea

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Later, the use of sugar in tea and coffee also began to be reduced along with the increasing number of people with diabetes, including tea and coffee is available in packaged form and ready to eat. The patient is usually to replace sugar with low-calorie sugar in the box and unfortunately sold at a higher price. For this reason, not many people are able to access sugar’s low in cholesterol. Drink tea without sugar alternatives emerged. Here are some benefits that you can get by drinking tea, especially tea without sugar:

– Reduce Stress

Regular consumption of tea also proven to reduce cortisol which can cause stress. However, this can happen if the regular consumption occurred at least 6 weeks with a minimum of 3 cups of tea a day. With such numbers, 20% of cortisol can be reduced so that the tea drinker will avoid stress and a more optimistic view of life and face many problems.

– Helps Prevent and Treat Tumours (and Cancer)

The content of polyphenols and antioxidants in tea is very beneficial in preventing even treat cancer and tumours. Therefore, the consumption of fresh tea on a regular basis can be very useful primarily for prevention purposes.

– Brightening Face

The content of antioxidants found in tea can get rid of toxins that stick to the skin and ward off free radicals. In addition, the benefits of drinking rooibos tea without sugar have full benefits of vitamin C, the benefits of magnesium and zinc benefits to eliminate brown spots that often appear on the face. Such benefits primarily found in green tea or black tea.