How to connect the Social media with religion

Sharing the words of Jesus can’t be easy, especially there are so many skeptical people these days. Unless you can teach their heart, they’re not willing to hear your words about it. When it happens, we definitely need a new approach that can be received by them a lot easier. That’s why we’re suggesting you to use your social media account to spread ? The importance of the holy spirit.

It’s not easy to connect such a modern thing with the old teaching from Jesus. However, the teaching itself is absolute and shouldn’t be changed at all, while the modern world is should be the one which adapts to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Therefore, it will be important for you to become a part of this movement, and spread the words of Jesus by using your own social media account. if you’re interested in this, visiting the bold gospel website will be a good idea, and may the Jesus show you the path to help your brothers and sisters to get out of the darkness.