Know more about ayahuasca and its ceremony preparation

In general, you may be able to find some stores to order Ayahuasca, but they don’t offer the whole healing process. Getting the better result of your treatment will become your pride. This becomes our reasons to share this article with you and anybody who believe that iowaska can be another way for their healing.

Imagine what you will do during spending a few weeks in selected ayahuasca church. You can do meditation with a fresh environment and beautiful view. Not only that, you will eat foods that you may never eat before but gives the great advantages to your ceremony preparation.

Should I set an intention? You will be encouraged to set an intention for your ceremony. The medication meets you half way, and you must make an effort to ask questions. What will happen if you bring no intention? Speak with your shamans, then they will say that you may see a pretty light show and colours.

Preparing the clothing for a ceremony and your needs as long you stay in the church will be the most exciting thing you are going to do. There is no certain rule for ceremonial clothes. It will be the highly personal decision. During the ceremony, you will see different people wearing the different clothes.

Stay inside the circle! You might have attended yoga meetings or new age gatherings. When you are in the presence of a real shaman, you will find out the meaning of really holding the space.

It is best to gather info by asking the retreat provider to explain the details of ayahuasca retreat. Once you need additional information, we suggest you ask a few questions. It will be your ayahuasca experience, so you must know what to do and what to avoid, from the first to the last day in the retreat location.