The social media makes the Jakarta election hotter

it’s true that the Jakarta a city which affects the future of the entire Indonesia. That’s the reason that has made the ongoing election for the next governor of Jakarta becomes a very hot news source. To make it even hotter, the social media has been used by both of the candidates in order to stay in touch with their supporter. Visit to get the latest news about the Jakarta election.

It’s not the same as the news on TV. The social media just like Facebook gives some room for the people to voice their opinion, whenever one of the candidates are posting their own status or info about their program. The argument between both sides of the supporters has made the election to become hotter than the other elections in the entire country. Furthermore, this election affects the future of Jakarta, which will also impact the future of the whole Indonesia as well. Don’t forget to follow a reliable source of news in order to get the latest and the most trusted news about this election.