Things That Make Umrah Special

Even though it is not the most important one, Umrah is no less special compared to Hajj. Thus, for those of you who have a wish to perform Umrah, you can start by searching for the right umrah packages. To have a better understanding, here are some of the things that make Umrah so special.

1. One Umrah to the next one is Kaffaroh or a way to delete past sins.
Allah SWT will remove our sins in the implementation of one Umrah to the next one. To put this simply, if 5 or 10 years ago we have ever performed Umrah, and then we have another chance to perform Umrah next year, then the sins between both of the Umrah will be forgiven by God Almighty.

2. Umrah is jihad for women and the weak.
The mothers and women in general, as well as those who physically weak at the time of Rasulullah SAW, could not join the jihad or war. But they still get a reward as if they have done the jihad by carrying or performing the Umrah.