Three Types of Blenders

One of the fundamental things that must be determined when looking for a blender is for what you are going to use the blender. It all depends of the subject of interest of yours. After knowing this, you will have a better understanding on what type of blender is needed as well as features and functions that should be available. Generally, there are three types of blender commonly available on the market which are the counter top blender or the conventional blender, personal blender, and immersion blender of the hand blender.

1. Counter Top Blender or Conventional Blender or Standing Blender

This is the type of blender is most common. Blender is designed to sit or put in the kitchen and is equipped with glass and knives at the bottom to process food or liquids. This blender has a type of glass size varies with the capacity of 1.5 liter glasses are considered sufficient for daily needs.

2. Personal Blender

A personal blender is a blender category is relatively new and is intended for those who wish to immediately enjoy their smoothie or drink. The glass of the blender can be directly used as a smoothie bottles and can be taken anywhere you like. The size of the glass is relatively small and is usually reserved for one serving drinks. However, its ability to process food blender is not as strong as a conventional blender.

3. Hand Blender or Immersion Blender

An immersion Blender is often called a hand blender or hand blender to be very popular because many chefs on TV use this kind of blenders. There is some of this kind that have cables and there are some which are wireless. The hand blender is suitable for making puree or blending food in small quantities directly in the bowl without moving it into a glass blender. You can also find a hand blender is equipped with accessories pieces so as to improve its function.