Tips for Studying Web Design

Web design is one that collects various areas of design expertise in one place. This makes a lot of people get confused when I started learning web design. Should first learn to program? Or whether it should start by designing in Photoshop? This article will discuss some tips on how to design a website that hopefully makes it easier to learn.

1. Start with Studying Minimalist Design

The minimalist design is the first design style that must be mastered. In a minimalist design, you will be required to produce an effective design without the need preoccupied with details that are not so important. With minimalist design master, then, in fact, you have to run the main purpose of which is expected in web design is to make the site work.

2. Always Starting with Mature Structure

A common issue is often the designer too preoccupied with small details such as texture, colour, or font. In fact, the first important thing that must be considered is to plan site structure. A blog has a different structure to the portfolio because it is more quickly updated. Blogs company has a different style with a personal blog. Therefore, the first step of web designing is not done in Photoshop. But, with a pencil scribbles on a piece of paper. Small details like the texture or colour of the site could be decided after an important structure was obtained.

3. Always focus On Functions

The animation is interesting. Large background image also looks nice. But, before using it ask yourself “Are the owners and site visitors need it?” To understand the function in web design, make it a habit to regularly read articles related to usability and user experience. A great reference you can get at Smashing Magazine and use it.

4. Follow the structure of Web Design Already Baku

Perhaps you have noticed that the blog usually has a structure of two columns in the sidebar on the right and the logo at the top left. This layout is used by many people because of succeeding. Usability studies show that visitors are familiar with the sidebar on the right and on the left the contents of the blog. Visitors also naturally know that the upper left side contains the identity of the site that when clicked will bring it to the front page. If you are designing a blog, then most likely the layout is what you should use.